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Entrepreneurial Equalisation (EE)

Through our entrepreneurship program, we transform and empower communities, which suffer from lack of income and livelihood, by raising their income. To-date, 70% of over 20,000 participants have managed to increase their income between 100-400%, without any upfront financing or hand-outs given.

At PSC, we believe that raising the livelihood and income of the poor and marginalized solve a host of problems. This is a very strategic program focusing on clear outcomes. With direct implementation, hands-on mentoring and engagement with grassroots, our EE programs are designed to help create an impact in the lives of our participants and the communities surrounding them. These will be tailored and customised for various groups, including the indigenous communities, hardcore poor, B40 groups, persons with disabilities, single mothers and many more marginalised groups, with tangible and measurable outcomes that can be sustained, even after 2 years.


Average 70% success rate amongst trained participants


over 20,000 participants regionally


100% to 400% average income increase within 1 to 2 months


No upfront loans
or handouts

to start business


Sustainable income increase even 2 years after our program

Money Intelligence (MQ)

One of the hallmarks of nation building is for its population to be financially literate and to be economically empowered to earn. We seek to empower a nation by providing affordable yet quality financial education
to its citizens. 

By developing the right skills and knowledge, cases of people getting into trouble with money and excessive debt can be avoided in the country, thus building a nation with strong economic health.

It is with this in mind that we have specially developed financial literacy courses for different groups, including children (6-8 years), pre-teens (9-12 years), teenagers (13-17 years), university students, adults and even retirees through a fun, gamification process. We teach them how to manage and grow wealth as well as live the right financial principles that will set them up for financial breakthrough. This helps build financial inclusion that levels the playing field in society.


Trained over 20,000 nationally from students to young adults


designed for
all-aged groups


100 public and private universities


Experiential & practical training with real market simulation


Gamification approach with interactive


New Employees Excellence Program (NEEP)

With the current employability issues in the country, youths are struggling to secure jobs, while employers are constantly looking for outstanding talents. Through our specially curated course, PSC’s unique NEEP program is the bridge between both employers and employees. 

It grooms young people and jobless graduates to realize their full potential and impress future employers. The program builds the right attitudes and the right skills for participants to succeed in the workplace.


95% of
success rate


Developed and


& enhance behavior


Positive feedback
from employers
and participants

Technopreneurship Program

This program aims to teach, in practical ways, both young and old, to develop online or app-based businesses. Participants go through 5 days of full idea creation and a further 2 months of mentoring to actually develop the app or online business.

PSC even helps introduce funders and venture capitalists to creators of apps which are worthy of investment and that are truly disruptive.


Build disruptive technology to a workable idea for desired cause or impact


Bridge the gap between students with technology skills and businesses


Youth Empowerment

Young people are rising to the challenges of today’s environment, including political, economic, social and technological challenges. Our uniquely structured programs help empower them to rebuild their confidence, encourage positive behaviour, develop innovative thinking and a sense of belonging.

PSC provides experiential and practical training for youths, including high-risk youths from backgrounds of broken families, poverty and abuse.

By helping youths identify their true potential, societal issues are addressed and that will eventually lead to an advanced society, thus building a great nation.

Empowered to Change

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