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Average Monthly Income Before: RM 350 – Average Monthly Income After: RM 1,023

Minot is a busy homemaker married to a retired policeman. They have 6 children. For three years now, she faced difficulty dividing her time between caring for her 12 grandchildren and managing her business.

She sells jawa noodle paste, kuih, curry puff and donuts. Her grandchildren help her by selling the curry puff to their friends at school. Her daughter who works as a teacher also helps her by selling the curry puff at school twice every week. She usually sends 25 packs of jawa noodle paste, which cost RM6 per pack to Kampung Boyan where it would take around 2 weeks to sell. In spite of all her efforts, there was low demand for her jawa noodle paste as it was still unavailable in the market and not very known yet.

After attending the R.I.S.E. program, Minot gained new strength and became more motivated. She became more optimistic to move forward and succeed in her business. She believed that her products, especially her jawa noodle paste, can penetrate the market and be popular. Based on what she learned from the Blue Ocean module, she started offering new products such as peanut sambal in order to diversify her products and increase her profits. She would then sell her jawa noodle paste and peanut sambal alternately to attract more customers and maintain her existing customers’ interest.

Based on what she has learned from the Operational Planning module, she also made some changes to her business operations. She realized that jawa noodle paste has a relatively long shelf life, so she made them in advance to reduce her customers’ waiting time as compared to making them only when customers ordered.

Her income increase has helped provide for her family’s daily needs. She looks forward to further improving and expanding her business. Minot plans to create branding for her jawa noodle paste by using social media such as Facebook to introduce her product to the market. She also plans to engage a sales agent for her jawa noodle paste to expand her business.


Income Before: RM 200 – Income After: RM 2,085

Najirah is a housewife with one child. Her husband works in the security field, but his income was still not enough to sustain their family’s needs. Najirah decided to help her husband, so she set-up a small burger stall in front of their house. Most of her customers in the village were young people who are into fast foods.

Najirah was not able to keep up with the new recipes that typical fast food chains were selling and she was stuck with selling typical burger recipes which were similar to other burger vendors. She also lacked marketing skills and didn’t realize the potential of her business. Also, she only dedicated four days a week to operate her stall. Her income was consistently low for four years because of these reasons.

After attending the training, she realized that she can do more to improve her business. She learned that she can make her products different from the products of other vendors with the same business. She started to improvise her burger recipes with the help of her husband. They decided to add peanut powder to their burgers. Because of their unique product, they gained a lot of customers which led to their income increase. Through the sales modules, she learned how to reach and connect with her target customers, which are young people. She decided to advertise her products through social media sites such as WeChat and Facebook. She also extended her operating hours and now sells her burgers daily from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Najirah is very thankful for the training because it helped her gain ideas on how to improve and properly manage her old business. From having a consistently low income, her income started to increase and she is now able to support the needs of her family. According to Najirah, her family is happier now that they were able to improve their way of living.


Average Monthly Income Before: RM 400 – Average Monthly Income After: RM 1,500

Faizah Binti Mohd Tahir is a mother of six. Before the RISE program, she has been selling the traditional Kuih with different variants for 10 years on a full-time basis. However, she lacked ideas on how to improve her business.

After the RISE program, through the Customer Value Proposition module, she was able to assess the needs and wants of her customers. She carefully laid out her plans for her business. With this, she was able to provide products that her customers requested.

Furthermore, she diversified her products for her customers by adding more choices such as Kuih Bom and Kuih Melaka. To make her product even more affordable yet still of good quality, she changed her old packaging and used banana leaves instead, which made it more economical and environment-friendly.

In addition, she employed the different concepts from the Sales Strategy module. She started to promote her products by targeting the residential areas. She sends her kuih to a primary school on weekdays. Eventually, she was able to maintain and even add regular customers. She even received bulk orders on the 4th week. Currently, she focuses on the products that are in demand which further increases her sales. Lastly, she plans to expand her business by delivering fast food to her customers upon order.

Today, Faizah’s additional income helps provide for her family’s monthly expenses and the educational needs of her children.


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