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Income Before: THB 4,500 – Income After: THB 100,000

Previously facing stiff competition from other restaurants, Ratchanee struggled in standing out and improving the business. After the program, she now managed to improve both the quality and service and this has helped increase her income from THB4,500 to THB100,000.

Ratchanee is married with 4 children. Having the future of her children in mind, Ratchaneed decided to start a restaurant business. However, she later found that running a restaurant was tough. On top of that, she faced stiff competition with other restaurants within the area and she did not know how to make her business stand out in order to get more customers. 

She also found it difficult to communicate with her customers and made no effort to interact with them. Therefore, she was unable to establish a relationship with her customers and could barely get much regulars coming in.

After attending the program, Ratchanee learned a lot from the Customer Value Analysis module and understood the importance to create extra values for her customers in order to win them over. She then started to work on improving both the quality of food and customer service in her restaurant. Because of that alone, she started to see the crowd in the restaurant increasing every day.

Since improving on the quality of her food and services, customers have commented that the food tastes much better now, and they felt welcomed because she was so friendly, especially whenever she takes their orders.

Today, Ratchanee is proud to be able to provide a better living for her family. She can afford to provide a better education for her children, and she also started to cater food to banks and shops nearby, further expanding her business.



Income Before: THB 2,000 – Income After: THB 44,000

Business was slow for Kormareeyah after opening her grocery store for 5 years. She had no confidence in approaching her customers. After the program, made changes to her business by providing snacks for the school children and she has managed to increase her income from THB 2,000 to THB 44,000.

Kormareeyah is single and started a grocery shop business to help support her family. During the 5 years of running the grocery store, business gradually became slower as she was mostly relying on regular customers such as people from her neighbourhood and some walk-in customers.

Due to her shy and timid nature, she had no confidence in approaching her customers and lacked the knowledge of improving her business. During the training, she had a mindset shift and learned how to change her negative thoughts into positive ones. Because of that, she became more confident in herself and became motivated to elevate her business. 

Using what she learned from the Operational Planning module, Kormareeyah started off by planning and analysing areas where she wanted to change. She rearranged her shop neatly, which allowed more room for customers to move about and she even labelled her items properly. This has attracted more customers to frequent her shop.

She also implemented ideas from the 4 Action Framework by adding some kuih made by friends at her shop. This has also contributed to her income increase as she managed to attract school children and housewives to regularly make a purchase. On top of that, she also sold head scarfs at her shop during the festive season and collected feedback from her customers in order to understand the current trends so that she could meet their demands in the coming festive seasons.

Today, Kormareeyah is now a confident business woman who is able to provide a living for her family. She hopes to be able to expand her business in the near future and he family has never been prouder of her achievements.



Income Before: THB 10,000 – Income After: THB 45,200

As a mother of 3 kids, Saimah is often determined to work hard in order to provide a better life for her family. With that, she started selling chips but she had no clue how to find new customers or grow the business. After the training, She started using new techniques to improve her business and this has helped increase her income. Today, she is now a confident entrepreneur and is proud to provide a comfortable living for her family.

Saimah is married with 3 kids. As a mother and wife, Saimah has always wanted to provide a comfortable living for her family. With that in mind, she decided to start a business selling chips. However, she has no clue on finding new customers as she fully relied on her friends and neighbours to buy her products.

Besides that, she had no confidence in promoting her products as many of her friends and family have doubted her ability. She felt discouraged and didn’t know how to improve her business. After attending the program, she started working together with her friends who are well-known in the neighbourhood area. By having her friends as agents, she managed to expand her business not only in her village, but also to nearby villages.

Using what she learned about marketing strategies, she also started promoting her business through online marketing where she posted her fish and chips business to popular apps such as LINE, which is very popular in Thailand. She also posted her products on Facebook and even managed to gain another 3 agents within the span of 2 weeks, which helped further increase her sales.

Because of her significant increase in income, Saimah is encouraged to pursue her passion in business. Most importantly, she has more confidence in herself and is proud to be able to provide a comfortable living for her family.



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