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CSR and Community Transformation

Nation Building is a cause that is not solely the responsibility of the Government but also the responsibility of individual and corporate citizens. We, at PSC, through our various solutions, believe that we contribute to nation building in the areas of:
PSC believes in making a lasting change in communities

by changing their competencies and skills as well as their economic and social status.

We have developed strong processes that bring unique & exciting results in:

We have developed strong processes that bring unique & exciting results in:
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Sustainable Entrepreneurial Development

Lector – an online learning improvement program on cloud

Parenting and Family Relationship Enhancement programmes

Personal Financial Intelligence for adults and children

Youth Attitude Change and Empowerment projects

We are CSR project developers & implementors

We do not just handle CSR reporting or develop CSR strategies, but we drive CSR projects end to end without any outsourcing.

All our projects have clear success indicators.

Some Highlights of Previous CSR Projects

csr-1To date we have successfully trained 8,000 people in various underprivileged communities through our economic empowerment programme.
csr-2We have successfully transformed lives in both urban and rural areas.
csr-3Our learning improvement software successfully took severely learning-disadvantaged children up to the international standard in 3 months.
csr-4Our financial intelligence programme was used to train 100,000 youth for the National Service programme.
csr-5We have used our expertise in Financial Education to produce and develop content for two prime-time television shows for CIMB Bank and AKPK (the financial counseling and education arm of the Malaysian Central Bank).

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