Corporate TrainingTraining For Effectiveness That Can Be Measured With Clear ROIs
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Our training is different & worthwhile because we focus on four areas


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Management Training

  • Internal Consultancy Training: How to be an Internal Consultant
  • New Employee Excellence Program
  • Strategy Alignment, Balanced Scorecard & KPI Workshops
  • Leadership Development Series with Coaching
  • Managing Workplace Complexity
  • Presenting to Deliver Impact & Value
  • Business & Presentation English
  • Finance for Non-Finance Executives
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation – Enhancing the Value Delivery Chain
  • Effective Communication: Killer Speaking & Writing Skills

Behavioural Enrichment

  • Organisational Change Management Series
  • Personal Attitude Renewal for Standout Success
  • Music Teambuilding

Employee Care Programmes (Internal CSR)

  • Revolutionary Parenting Programme
  • “Inspired Youth” Programme
  • Household Wealth Management
  • Income Generation for Spouses

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